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Since 2003, RemoteScan
has been the accepted standard in
hassle-free scanner connectivity.
RemoteScan Supports:

  • Scanners with EMR & EHR software.
  • Scanners with Freight and Transportation software.
  • Scanners with Financial and Accounting software.
  • Works with any document management system.
  • Works with all modern document scanners, and supports:
  •     Page Feeders.
  •     Card Scanners.
  •     Duplex Scanning.
  •     Slides/Transparencies.
  •     High capacity scanners.
  • Server 2008 with any TWAIN scanner.
  • All versions of RDP protocol.
  • All versions of ICA protocol.
  • Citrix® Scanning.
  • VMware®
  • Customizable Interfaces.
  • Automatic Installation.
  • Available in 6 Languages.
  • Automated Templates for scanning consistency.
  • Compressed Image Transfer.
  • Convert any scanner into a full-featured Network Scanner.
  • Customers in 120 Countries.

For Windows® operating system.

  • Much less expensive then a network scanner.
  • Works with all USB Scanners.
  • Network your flatbed scanner.
  • Scan over a LAN, WAN or through Windows® Terminal Server or Cirtrix®.
*TWAIN scanners and WIA scanners.

Since 2003 RemoteScan has become the recognized worldwide leader of software solutions for scanning and imaging device connection.

® software has been used to scan over a Billion critical documents in thousands of medical and financial companies located worldwide. When server-reboots and lost data scans are NOT an option, trust your critical work flow to the accepted and proven standard: RemoteScan®

The RemoteScan® product line is the accepted standard wherever EMR and document management software systems are installed. RemoteScan is a technology partner with many of the world's largest and most respected software providers. RemoteScan is purchased & recommended by thousands of Government, Medical, Financial, Freight, Insurance and Industrial organizations worldwide.

terminal services scanning diagram
Click here to see our customer list.
We have many thousands of large corporate customers — customers who require their scanners to work consistently and continue to work — located around the world. If scanning is a critical part of your work flow, then RemoteScan® is your solution.

"RemoteScan works perfectly."
Brian Madden, Brian Madden TV, July 8th, 2009

“RemoteScan has made document scanning and workflow a cinch. The software does exactly as it claims, implementations are problem-free and using it couldn’t be simpler. ” - Conor Smith, First Call Computer Solutions

"RemoteScan is the only sure-fire way to go." - HP Tech Support Forum, Scanners in Citrix / Terminal Services

"RemoteScan functioned in a rock-solid manner." - Brian Dipert, Technical Editor, EDN Magazine

"RemoteScan makes any TWAIN-compatible scanner a network scanner." - PC Magazine

“Remote Scan was generous in providing this technology to the Children’s Shelter. We thank you ; not only for the donation but also for what your product does. It’s working great and has made a big impact for us in our work. With gratitude!” - Staff at Watson’s Children Center

RemoteScan allows any number of end users to scan insurance cards and documents, as well as acquire images from imaging devices directly into any EMR or any document management package. Scanners which are connected directly to PCs and work stations can be used with RemoteScan® and any version of Remote Desktop / Terminal Server, Citrix® or VMware® products. Applying lossless compression, centralized administrative control and a host of advanced security, self-installation and configuration features, RemoteScan works and installs flawlessly even with the most complex and critical network and software environments.

Purchase Terminal Services Call our sales office at (406) 721-0277, or
Click here
to purchase RemoteScanfor TS/CX for instant download from our secure servers.

Need Site licensing and volume pricing?
Call our sales office at (406) 721-0277
or Click here for Volume pricing.

When server reboots are NOT an option, RemoteScan®; offers a stable, proven, secure solution and error-free way to share and connect desktop scanners to any centralized document management system.

  • RemoteScan easily installs and integrates directly with all versions of Terminal Services and Citrix® and provides a wealth of security and support features.
  • RemoteScan fully supports and works perfectly with all 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows® Remote Desktop, all versions of Citrix / XenServer™ / XenDesktop, all versions of Windows Terminal Server, VMware® and others.
  • RemoteScan fully supports and works perfectly with any and all TWAIN and WIA compatible scanners.
  • RemoteScan provides centralized control of scanners on enterprise networks, and includes features to share scanners.
  • RemoteScan supports multiple scanners attached to a single PC or workstation.
  • RemoteScan directly provides exceptional technical support and customer service No third-party support. No outsourcing.
  • Since 2003, RemoteScan has focused exclusively on the complex issues of making scanners and imaging devices work, and continue to work, with the ever-changing world of complex networks.

RemoteScan® Products:

RemoteScan® Enterprise
Scan Directly into Any Application Running on Any Server!
Works perfectly with all versions of Terminal Services, Citrix® and VMware® including all versions of Citrix, all versions of Windows® Terminal Server, including Terminal Server 2008, Citrix XenServer™ and XenDesktop™, all Remote Desktop (RDP) networks and VMware® connections. Fully supports and works perfectly with Windows® 7, Windows XP, Windows XPe, Windows Embedded Standard and Windows Vista.

  • Use with any application running on a Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2007, Windows 2008 Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Server, 32 and 64 bit versions.
  • Use with any application running on a Citrix / XenServer Server.
  • Use with any application running on a VMware® Server.
  • Scanners are attached via USB to any user's workstation.
  • Scan insurance cards, notes, or any document from any type of document scanner.
  • Works with all major medical EMR systems (Cerner, McKesson, GE, NextGen, Allscripts - all recommend and use RemoteScan).
  • Centralized Control! Configure and manage all your scanners from one administration account.
  • Asset management of scanners on your network through a web based administration system.
  • Use with any imaging device, including web cams, check scanners, biometric readers and high-end radiology imaging hardware.
  • Works with all brands of scanners (Fujitsu, HP, Canon, Xerox, Kodak, etc. - all recommend and use RemoteScan).
  • Supports all versions of RDP (Remote Deskop Protocol) as well as ICA ( Port 1494 Independent Computing Architecture).

Use your scanners with Terminal Services, Remote Desktop, Citrix® XenServer™, or VMware® now.
Ultra easy installation and setup.
Connect scanners to workstations and scan directly into any hosted application.
Configure and manage all your scanners from one administration account.

RemoteScan® Enterprise is provided as a risk-free Instant Download Software Solution.
Purchase Terminal Services Click here to for pricing and to purchase RemoteScan® Enterprisefor TS/CX.

® Universal

RemoteScan® Universal contains all the functionality of RemoteScan® Enterprise as well as support for ISIS® compatible software and ISIS® compatible scanner drivers. With RemoteScan® Universal you can now fully utilize the scanning functionality of all medical record, document management, financial or any other enterprise or hosted software application.

RemoteScanUniversal™ is provided as a risk-free Instant Download Software Solution.
Purchase Terminal Services Click here to for pricing and to purchase RemoteScan® Universal for TS/CX.

RemoteScan® for LAN
Convert any Scanner into a Network Scanner.
Ultra easy installation and setup. Convert any standard scanner into a full network scanner. Share any scanner with other work group members.

  • A much better User Interface than what is provided by 'network' scanners.
  • Scan directly into ANY application that is running on your own PC.
  • Let one scanner meet the needs of an entire work group. Very low cost!

RemoteScan LAN

RemoteScan® for LAN is provided as a risk-free Instant Download Software Solution.
Purchase Terminal Services Click here to for pricing and to purchase RemoteScan® for LANs.

Click here for more information.

is now included with RemoteScan® Enterprise for Terminal Services / Citrix / Xen / VMware.
Makes Your WebCam/Still Image Camera/Video Device a Useful Business Tool
ShareCamera is used for capturing still images from a wide range of digital imaging devices including webcams, digital cameras, digital microscopes, radiology and pathology equipment and biometrics devices, and letting those images be incorporated into hosted (ASP) software applications that are running on Windows or Citrix servers at remote locations.
RemoteScan® ShareCamera is now built into all the RemoteScan® Terminal Services / Citrix / Xen / VMware products.

RemoteScan lets you scan with Thin Client Appliances!


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